collagevbolVolunteers! Welcomed…Respected… Wanted…for Colorado’s Old Spanish National Historic Trail
From Grand Junction to Alamosa,we’re looking for volunteers

to help Colorado’s Old Spanish National Historic Trail!

If you like history and research:
– Locate and research historic documents and records
– Assist archeological professionals with field surveys and investigations
– Aid geographic research and GIS/mapping tasks

If you like kids:
– Assist in development of educational curricula

The San Luis Valley

The San Luis Valley

– Provide classroom presentations
– Organize and lead youth in field trips

If you like to organize:
– Help us with meetings and conferences

If you like to write:
– Submit letters to the editor of your local newspaper or regional and national magazines

If you’re good with a shovel:
– Help with trail maintenance
– Install trail markers

If you like to bike, hike, ride horses, or simply enjoy the outdoors:
– Explore, plan, and advocate appropriate  recreational use and development along the Trail

If you like plants & animals:
– Help us identify non-native plants and work for control or removal
– Identify and observe wildlife along the Trail and work for their protection

If you’re good with Social Media:

Mesa County

Mesa County

– Let others know about what you’re doing on your own blog or facebook page – spread the word!

If you like to meet, greet, & speak:
– Attend public meetings
– Represent the trail to committees and service groups in your community
– Speak to local service groups
– Be a trail advocate at public meetings

 Then contact us today! Email us or call Vicki at 970-245-8484!