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Welcome to the Colorado sections
of the Old Spanish Trail!

From Southern Colorado to Northwestern Colorado, the Old Spanish Trail wound its way through mountains andcanyons, along cliff edges and rough terrain, following river systems and spectacular vistas. Used by generations of Native Americans before, the trail has a history deeply routed in the early 1800s as explorers, trappers, traders, and slavers trekked their way from Santa Fe to Los Angeles.joinblock2

These passages continued to be used into the late 19th and 20th centuries by the U.S. military, the builders of railroads, and even our modern-day paved highways and Interstates.

The Old Spanish Trail Association is committed to preserving our trail system and in educating young and old about its history, the men and women who traveled on it, and its importance for future generations. We hope our website helps you explore our trail – but also we hope that you might think about our country’s unique history and how we got from there to here.

So open your door, step outside, look North, South, East, West. There just might be a trail right there to follow, explore, and wonder about.


Our thanks to the Old Spanish Trail Association, the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and the County of Mesa for the information they have provided for this website. Our deep thanks also to Rod Martinez for his stunning photography!

 We are proud to be members of the Grand Valley Urban Trails Alliance
and the Western Colorado Latino Chamber of Commerce