In Mesa County, there are two trail heads to access the 7-mile section from Orchard Mesa to Whitewater:

Orchard Mesa Access From U.S. Highway 50, turn south at 28 1/2 Road (there is a light), then turn left (going east) on the Frontage Road about 200 feet; take the next right at the Old Spanish Trail Traihead sign. From the parking area, walk south along the tree farm, turn right onto Valley View, then west to Sunlight Drive. Turn left and head south to the Trail. Very sorry this is so convoluted, but this is the best we can do so that you can get access to this end of the trail without trespassing on private property!

Whitewater Access From Highway 50, turn west on 1st St., take Coffman Road at the intersection. Stay on Coffman until it curves north; Trailhead is well-marked on the west side of the road. If you want to access this parking lot from Orchard Mesa, turn south at 31 Road and pass the Landfill Road (that is Coffman Road) and travel about 4 miles until you see the parking area which is on the west side.

While you’re on the Sister Trails, look for wildlife and the many types of desert flowers. Please honor No Trespassing signs and stay off the Railroad Tracks. Motorized vehicles of any kind are not allowed.

Be a Good Citizen of the Sister Trails! Please remember:

  • Keep dogs on a leash or within voice command range
  • Camping and fires are not allowed
  • Bring lots of drinking water
  • Carry out your trash
  • Be mindful of the weather: flash flooding can occur
  • Dress appropriately for extreme hot or cold weather
  • Bring a cell phone and let others know you’re on the Trails
  • Do not trample wildflowers or harass wildlife
  • Do not remove evidence of Archaeological importance